Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dont you hate....

Dont you hate that your phone is silent all day and suddenly everyone buzzes you at the same time? Or suddenly you have to meet five people at the same time?

Something like that happened to me today..... other than I almost had an accident and had my head bump into a glass of a car... luckily I am fine and to my zionist readers, luckily the glass is fine.

But... at least I had a wonderful peaceful afternoon with someone amazing... although now I worry about what a long day tomorrow will be... work + blogging :)


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Renegade Eye said...

We had a demonstration Saturday against the war in Minneapolis. There was 1800 people there.

Graeme from "Left in East Dakota," his brother Aaron and his wife Nadia, came from North Dakota.

After the demo, my comrades, Graeme etc went to John Peterson's house. We ate Venezuelan food, drank and had fun. Graeme might move to Minneapolis. See this.

When you say "someone amazing," I assume it's not a male that is amazing.