Thursday, May 31, 2007


Funny, the only thing all the people who rushed or opposed the International Tribunal because one form of elites mobilized their followers for it, and the followers hope to wack other elites.

I wonder why the people never rushed for a Tribunal to persecute all the War Criminals after the Civil War ...

Charles Ayyoub Yesterday on NBN

I thought that Michel Hayek was the man of prophecies, this guy yesterday outdid himself with all those prophecies

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bets anyone?

Interesting, as I was returning home, I heard some people were betting that tonight's bets will be in location X or Y or Z. Actually, one person was making a bet up to 100$ (wil balad machi)!

Everyone is convinced that a "boom" will occur tonight because the International Tribunal will be voted in the UN's secuity council.

Lefties of T-Marbouta/Barometer! Unite!

Don't you hate the fact you go to a place loaded with leftists, mostly each self-promoting oneself as an angry revolutionary miss-understood by the world?

Don't you hate it when each group regards other "comrades" as the OTHER?!

Who isn't

Who isn't fed up from all those political bullshit, media crap, and whatever. Don't you just hate being labeled the other while a fool comes and self-proclaims oneself as a true path to salvation?!

The Army

To those blindly supporting the army, why did they ditch it in the past, it has the same leader...

Regarding Chomsky

I remember Chomsky was visiting Lebanon 1998, several parties threatened to assassinate him then. Now he is a hero to the same audience, because he had lunch with Nasrallah.

To be a Revolutionary Marxist

It feels great to be hated by those who do not understand Marxism