Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Served!

Well, today wherever I went, I was quickly served. At the Cashiers, at any place I went, I wondered why... then it hit me that when standing in line with a laptop on my back, I would become like Moses split the Red Sea (well so some people think!), and people are so terrified, suddenly it hit me having a laptop on your back in these circumstances, makes your life a bit faster

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fatah, Hamas and Lebanon

Isnt it ironical that 14th of March support blindly Fatah while Opposition supports Hamas?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fireworks scared the Hell Out of Me

There I was at this cool evening taking a walk (for those who dare at midnight), the next thing I hear a big explosion echoing, and I wondered if I was dead or alive, well I was alive, and afterwards, more came and it turned out as Fireworks, just as the sky glittered majestically with them, although I am sure several thought it was another explosion, here are my pics :

Monday, June 4, 2007

Zionists Crappy Propaganda regarding 1948

Why the hell if Zionists were advocates of Peace were burning down towns and destroying houses brick by brick of the Palestinians back in 1948, despite the fact that some towns didn't want to be politically involved in anything?!

Leftist From Lebanon's Blog

I haven't been so happy with a such a blog as it reflects the tiny social adventures of our comrade, very vital on the Lebanese Arena, he was correct to call himself Street Eyes.

Opposing Nationalism

To fight all forms of Nationalism is the blessing of being a Marxist. Whether Lebanese, Palestinian, Syrian, Magna Syrian, Arab, Phoenician, and Zionist is the blessing to have the eyes of an Internationalist that sees people are people whereber you. By far, the most catastrophic form of Nationalism is that of the Zionists, for they expelled Palestinians from their homes, established a racist state, and still deny the existence of others. In fact, Zionism is an exclusive form of nationalistic colonialism. They destroyed and demolished cities far worse than the Serbs did in previous Yugoslavia.

Other forms of nationalism vary between one type of followers or another. Some attain the attributes of Zionism in terms of exclusivenes.

For me, seeing from the eye of an Internationalist Marxist, all forms of nationalism are reactionary, and play the role to seperate the Proletariat.

PS: Wanted to add that we even got Beirut Nationalism

Wishful Solution

Don't you wish that if the whole of the people in Lebanon, wouldn't about 60% of its problems would be over? At least all these clowns for politicians would be out of business...

As John Lennon once said: "Imagine"

Quote of the Day

"If you tremble indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine." ~ Che Guevara

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Missing an old friend

Dad, in those terrible moments I am passing through on all levels, I miss you :(

Some Reactionaries

It amazes me how some people mix up between Arab Nationalism and Palestinian Nationalism, and end up Fascists. Sometimes, they can me as fascists as the Lebanese Forces themselves...

Al-Jazeera and Saida

It is ironic that bullets are flying everywhere in Saida, whereby the army and Jund el Sham are clashing, and only a foreign TV station broadcasted it live, al-Jazeera.