Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dont you hate....

Dont you hate that your phone is silent all day and suddenly everyone buzzes you at the same time? Or suddenly you have to meet five people at the same time?

Something like that happened to me today..... other than I almost had an accident and had my head bump into a glass of a car... luckily I am fine and to my zionist readers, luckily the glass is fine.

But... at least I had a wonderful peaceful afternoon with someone amazing... although now I worry about what a long day tomorrow will be... work + blogging :)


Monday, March 17, 2008

back to blogging

After a while for not blogging for different reasons, I was stuck in two different paths... either delete it or remain blogging... I opted for the latter. I am working on expanding the blog by bringing new bloggers to contribute....

today was supposed to be a good day, but you know when you wake up on the wrong side of bed... suddenly you realize that you should stay in your room.

I woke up with half of me on the floor, and said : ok it is going to be one of those miserable days.

I go to work, and twice I almost got squashed by motorcycles... but I said the worst is over.

I arrive to work, and open my laptop, suddenly my laptop is dead even though I bought it last week .

Then a meeting gets postponed from noon till 6:00... and eventually the meeting gets postponed... I get a headache... and a whole days flies without any productivity... I think I will spend the remainder of the day at home... I seriously think Hezbollah will be lucky and hit an Israeli plane flying over Beirut and the plane will land on my head as I am enjoying the nice evening of Beirut with a nice glass of Vodka.